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Lime-A-Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12x24oz

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners Reviewed

Toilet cleaners have come a long way over the last few years and we’re big fans of the ones that’s safe for us and safe for the environment.

BLANCO, White 440195 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Super Single Drop-In or Undermount Kitchen Sink, 33.5

Granite Composite Sink Reviews

Granite kitchen sinks look the most natural and stylish but they need to be properly installed and maintained to last long. Read more here.

Purelux Extra Long Stainless Steel 16 Inch Replacement Shower Arm with Flange, Chrome finish,

Best Shower Head Arms & Extensions Reviewed

Shower heads are one of the fastest growing categories of plumbing fixtures in the United States. They come in a number of styles and quality levels. Here we highlight some of the best shower head arms & in-depth review of the best shower heads in 2021.

Brita UltraMax Filtering Dispenser, 18 Cup, Black

Brita Water Filter Reviews

Whether you’re looking for the best Brita pitcher or the best faucet filter, we’ve reviewed them all to help you find the best one for your needs.

GutterStuff GS10957 Foam Gutter Filter Insert with Year Round Leaf Protection & Easy DIY Installation, 8 x 4' (32-feet), Ft

Foam Gutter Guards Reviewed

Our review covers the best foal gutter guards on the market. We list the good and the bad so you can make an informed choice when buying.

AquaBliss Multi-Stage Shower Filter w/ Replaceable Cartridge – Transform Itching, Eczema & Acne into Glowing Hair, Nails and Skin Fast. Chrome SF220

Aquabliss Shower Filter Reviews

Filter that is easy to install to remove chlorine in your shower water. Check out our Aquabliss shower filter reviews to see why it can be one of the best shower filters.

Sprite Showers AE7-CM Pure 7-Setting One Filtered Shower Head, Single Unit, Chrome

Sprite Shower Filter Review

Looking for something to improve your shower experience? Here is our review of one of the best shower filters on the market – the Sprite shower filter.