How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet Safely, Quickly & Easily

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Things To Consider Prior To Replacing a Faucet

Regardless of your experience with home repair, do not take on a job that is beyond you. Before installing a new faucet, check to see that you have turned off the main water supply. Further, you want to ensure that you are able to remove the old faucet and install the new one all by yourself.

What you need to replace the faucet is a new one that fits your sink and a basin wrench. It is always a good idea to buy an extra outlet so that you can install the new faucet fast. While this may be an additional cost, it will definitely save you time.

Let’s go through the steps to help you get the job done right.

Wrap pipe insulation around the PEX pipe that will be exposed by the new faucet. Next, remove the faucet handle by loosening the nut that is around it. Use the basin wrench to undo the compression nuts holding the faucet in place. Once they are loosened enough that you can pull them out with your hand, unscrew the nuts and remove the faucet.

The compression nuts are not made to be taken off and on frequently. Over the years pressure and heat sometimes make them brittle thus they will need replacement getting them off.

Kitchen Faucet Replacement Costs

Kitchen faucet replacement costs vary a lot based on the type of faucet, as well as the kitchen remodeler doing the work. The total cost of the project may also include other factors such as bathroom remodeler labor, costs of plumbing materials, or labor costs for other tradesmen may also be involved.

If you’d like to get an approximate idea of your kitchen faucet replacement costs, just get 2 or 3 free estimates from kitchen remodeling experts in your area. They will help you identify what type of faucet you have, its cost, what is involved in the replacement process, and help you decide if it is worth the time and effort.

Most Common Faucet Parts that Need Replacing

In order to save yourself from a plumbing-nightmare when you are replacing the faucet, make sure to replace the following parts before installation.

O-rings: O-rings serve as a seal to prevent water from leaking through the threaded area where a faucet connects to the sink. In a similar way that well maintained tires and a smooth steering wheel makes driving much safer, replacing old O-rings keeps your faucet in good working condition longer. Make sure to replace O-rings if they are worn or cracked.

Washers: The washer provides a seal between the faucet valves and the faucet handles. It allows for smooth motion of the handles and the valves. If the washer is cracked or damaged, replace it.

Rubber seals: Rubber seals help to hide the holes in your countertop that allow water to flow from your taps. The seals also keep water and other substances from coming into contact with the connection between the countertop and the faucet.

Springs: Springs are the mechanisms that is used to control the outlet valve during water flow. If the springs are broken, your faucet is not going to work properly.

You can also check out your hardware store for replacement parts.

How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet – Step by Step

If ever there was a chore that I truly dreaded, I would have to say that changing a kitchen faucet is it. Not because it was hard, for I'm not a particularly visionary guy, in fact, I'm pretty good at getting my hands dirty. But I hated to have to shut off the water valves, drain down the sink, drain through the sink, the sink, sometimes that sink and change fittings because the measurements were off.

We bought our first house when I was 24 and the kitchen was the first thing that I did anything with to make it my own. Of course, I didn't want the old faucet. It was brass and the strainers didn't open completely and they were ugly and it was all just cheap crap. My new custom faucet was stainless steel and had a touch-lever on the sink side and everything on it was just perfect. I still have it, I don't think that my wife has ever used it and after four bathrooms and at least three kitchens later, we're still using that faucet. (Sigh)

Other Things to Think About During Faucet Replacement:

When you’re shopping for a replacement kitchen faucet, the first thing to do is decide whether you’re going to replace the faucet alone or replace the entire fixture. There are pros and cons to both of these options.

Replacing the Faucet

Here are some of the advantages to this option:

Lower Cost

If you don’t like the look of your faucet, but the underlying plumbing is in good shape, you can replace the faucet without replacing the whole fixture. If you’re going this route, be sure to look for a high-quality replacement faucet. Cheaper models may not last as long.

Less Mess

If you’re looking for an easier faucet upgrade, replacing your faucet is a great option. When you’re finished, all you’ll have to do is wipe up the sink and counter. The old faucet and any parts you disassembled will be tossed safely away.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking or damaging anything. That can happen when you’re working with older, more delicate parts.

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