How To Install To A Garbage Disposal

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Getting to Know Your Garbage Disposal

Turn off power to the disposer at the breaker and also make sure the disposer is unplugged. Lean a 2×4 against the wall behind the sink to brace the disposer. Loosen the mounting nuts that secure the disposer to the sink. Disconnect the power cord. Flush the drain by pushing a plumber’s snake down it. Use the pliers to pull any trapped food out of the drain. Pull on the plug to pull apart the lines connected to the disposer. Next, disconnect the drain line that leads into the disposer from below the sink. The line is held in place by a nut.

Continue to pull out the drain line, but work carefully so that you don’t kink the line. Once the drain line is free from the disposer, disconnect it from the other drain pipes and remove the disposer. Take off the tailpiece on the disposer using the screwdriver. If the plumber’s snake didn’t remove all the material from the disposal line, use a scoop inserted into the drain to clear any remaining debris. To replace a broken garbage disposal, you need to first disconnect power to the disposer at the breaker and also make sure the disposer is unplugged. With a garbage disposal, the mounting ring is connected to the drain assembly with screws. Loosen those with a screwdriver.

Advantages of DIY Installation

DIY installation will be cheaper than hiring a plumber or handyman, and one of the best reasons to do it is so you can learn how to unblock a garbage disposal if your sink clogs up.

Most garbage disposals come with an installation manual. Read it through completely and follow the instructions. For example, you might need to remove a wall plug or insulation. Also make sure that all the main parts are there and that there are no missing parts. Then get the right equipment.

Buy reinforced PVC pipe that’s at least 3 inches longer than the garbage disposal flange.

Buy a steel extension pipe if you can’t access the lines under your sink.

Buy a good quality PVC pipe w