How to Fix a Garbage Disposal That is Humming

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Unusual Noise from Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is making a strange noise, chances are, a foreign object has found its way down there and got stuck in a part of the blades, the impeller, or inside the drain.

Sometimes water can build up in the chamber and this might prevent anything from falling in. This could also be the cause of a humming sound.

The first thing you want to do is to clear the obstruction. Use the reset button, located near the bottom of the disposal. This will clear the obstruction and if the humming sound continues then there is a bigger problem there with the motor or the blades.

If the humming sound continues then you will want to turn off the breaker, or flip off the switch to the garbage disposal and then you will need to remove the bottom plate of the disposal.

Most of the garbage disposals are held in by four screws and turning the embeds will easily lift the plate up. then get paper towels and clean out the garbage disposal. With the knife disconnect the electrical cord.

Now you will take the mounting screws and replace the bottom plate. Then turn your breaker or switch back on. You will want to set a time to run hot water down the garbage disposal to clear the chamber of any food buildup.

If you do not have the time to do it right now or choose not to do it at all, then you can try using the hot water hose from the sink and turn it on.

Noise Reducing Technology

New garbage disposals have noise reducing technology that includes motor, grinder, and even grinding chamber. Not all technologies are very effective, but some of them are pretty impressive.

It is important to understand that garbage disposals are very loud, no matter how they are styled. They are designed to physically chop the food you put inside so it can be taken out of your house and not clog your pipes.

If you don’t want to get rid of the garbage disposal because you feel it is too loud, buy a simple device that reduces noise. There are several options you have.

One option is sound absorbing insulation that you can place on the walls and floor to cut down on noise.

Setting up your disposal so that it is on slightly different levels compared to the sink may also reduce the noise level.

Also, many brands work to minimize noise with their grinders, while others design a garbage disposal that will grind poultry bones without stalling.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

A humming garbage disposal is a very common issue that can currently be addressed by using this InSinkErator evolution excel garbage disposal repair manual which will show you exactly how to repair your disposer. You can also call customer service and ask for advice.

Benefits of Buying a Quiet Garbage Disposal

For many today, the benefits of having a quiet garbage disposal is really the alternative when compared to the traditional garbage disposal. They are often really loud which is not only obnoxious for you since it’s in your home but especially for your neighbors.

Fortunately, today’s technology is much better and allows you to have a quieter garbage disposal. This is a major concern to have because when they are really noisy, they run all the time because you do not want to live with the noise.

As for the costs, they are also much more expensive since they are so much better than the alternatives.

Of course, it’s really up to what you can afford, but a much better option is to go with the quieter ones instead of the cheaper and older ones.

Another thing to think about is how much your neighbors would appreciate this as well. However, if you have neighbors that are not close by, then it is not as big of a deal.

The specific benefits of a quiet potato are that you are going to have a very pleasant environment around you. This is ideal for anyone living in a house or even for those who might be renting an apartment.

Because they are quieter, you don’t have to worry about them making as much noise. There are other benefits to them as well but being quiet is the most important part of it.

Step-by-Step Guide for Fixing a Humming Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal starts humming and spinning rapidly even after you have turned off the power switch, it could be a sign of a jam.

Here’s what you can do to get your disposal turned off and back to working order.

Make Sure the Power is Off First

If your garbage disposal is humming and it’s not a breaker problem in your home, the first step you should take is simply to turn off the power switch.

Look under the sink for the switch or flip the switch on the back of the disposal itself. If the garbage disposal is still humming, you may need to disconnect the disposal in order to free up the jam.

Take Off the Disposal

Take off any sort of sink strainer or caps covering the discharge tube.

Disconnect the power before moving the disposal.

Pop Out the Jam

Once you’ve disconnected it, try to free up the jam with a broom handle or similar tool.

Place the Disposal Back in Place

Once you’ve freed up the jam, put the disposal back in the sink, making sure that you’ve connected the power again.

Remove Other Objects

Remove any other objects (especially small items) from the drain to help prevent other jams.

Things You Will Need

First of all, remove all objects that are stuck in the disposal. You may use a combination wrench to simply twist any objects, that are caught in the blades, from the sides. To loosen pliers from under the blade, you should also try to use a large wrench in order to grip the pliers.

Please, be very careful: the disposal may still be spinning when you try to do this.

Step 2

Usually, after you remove the object, you will notice that the disposal will suddenly stop humming.

Could you suggest the usage of any lubricating agent when it “stops working” for no apparent reason whatsoever?

Hot water is the best liquid to help you fix this. To make things even easier, you can just pour a large pot of hot water down the disposal. The hot water will expand the metal on the blades and dislodge the dirt inside.

When to Call a Plumber

We have all experienced a clogged drain at some point in our lives, but a garbage disposal is likely a new situation to tackle in the home. If your garbage disposal has stopped working, it may be time to call a plumber.

If you know what to do to force the disposal to work, then you can try to fix it without a plumber. If you are lucky, you may just need to clean the disposal or reset it. Any time you’re dealing with a clog in the drain and it’s not from a sink, you must think about the following:


Can you unclog the disposal without causing a bigger problem? If not, and you are still cranking it with even more force, then the clog you’ve caused might be worse than the original problem.

It's Clogged

You must identify the source of the clog and correctly unclog it. If you don’t know what you are doing, then call a plumber.

Circuit Breaker

Make sure the garbage disposal is turned off before you begin working on it. If you don’t, then you will cause a short in the system that will take the breaker with it.


You know all about how to clean your garbage disposal now. There are many ways to do it. You can use a different attachment on your kitchen tool. Or if you prefer, you can do the task manually. Occasionally, you may have to do a deep clean. The next time the garbage disposal starts to sound funny and you need to figure out why, just follow these easy instructions.