How To Clean A Garbage Disposal Safely, Quickly & Easily

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Importance of Cleaning Garbage Disposal

We all hate cleaning our garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are among the dirtiest objects in your house, besides the microwave cover. The food particles are left inside and are disposed into the sink drain. The garbage disposal is the one that grinds food particles into small parts. Once the food part is grinded, it goes straight to the sewage system.

Since communities are aware of the issues that sewage system are causing, they allow you to start composting your food. In this way, you can easily dispose off all your cut and uncut food without making a health issue that will affect you. However, you can easily take care of this by regularly cleaning the garbage disposal.

The routine cleaning of the garbage disposal can help you tremendously. However, that does not mean that you should do the cleanup yourself. Merely, connecting it with the plumbing is not cleaning it without any knowledge. You need to go through each step and clean the gunk from it.

Frequency of Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning a garbage disposal largely depends on how well you take care of it. If you keep it clean, the waste water should not get backed up or try to escape through the drain, if it is leaking or popping up. If you are doing nothing to maintain it, then you might need to clean it every couple of months. Also, if you are giving it a lot of grease, then you should be cleaning the disposals about once a month.

But I suppose, if you are using it much, that you should clean it once a month anyway. Of course, it is better to do it every week. If you don’t, it will get bad, and the drain will smell really bad.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal in 10 Steps

Step 1: Before You Start

Before starting with the garbage disposal, you should check the following things:

  • Is the garbage disposal turned on?
  • Is the garbage disposal drain connected?
  • Is there hair or any food container in the garbage disposal?

Remove the garbage from the garbage disposal.

Step 2: Preparing to Clean

Prepare some things to clean your garbage disposal. These include:

  • Warm Water
  • Sponge
  • Garden hose
  • Drill

Step 3: Cleaning the Blades

Use the garden hose to run warm water on the blades of garbage disposal. Don’t use cold water because it will grow mold and bacteria. You can use any kind of toothpaste if your garbage disposal has dirty blades since it contains scrubbing agent. In case you don’t have any toothpaste, you can use baking soda. Put the baking soda into the drain and run cold water to get rid of the blades. You can also use the garden hose to spray the blades so that they can be cleaned easily.

Step 4: Cleaning the Chute and Cabinet

Safety Precautions

Modern garbage disposals are easier and safer than ever before. But when it comes to fixes and repairs, things can get dangerous. One slip and you might be looking at real damage to your kitchen, your hand, or even your face.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your disposer maintained and ready for use without risk of injury. Or damage to the garbage disposal or the surrounding area.

Removing Garbage Disposal Odor

A garbage disposal is the best way to get rid of food scraps, but every now and then the disposal may emit a nasty odor. The odor may be due to a couple of things, and it can be fixed easily. If you notice garbage disposal odor coming from your unit, it’s most likely an easy fix.

Dirt, Role, and Grease Build-up.

A garbage disposal is usually located under the kitchen sink. This is also where your trash cans are in most cases. Any dirt, role, grease, and role often end up in the garbage disposal. When you throw food scraps down the drain, fiber can get caught in the drain hole and begin to smell.

The smell can be eliminated with a little effort. Fill the sink with hot water. Apply some dish soap to the water. Use a drain cleaner to get your garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean.

Coating the Cutting Edges

The blades on the garbage disposal are designed to chop away food. However, sometimes the food doesn’t break down quite as easily as it should. The blades may need a little bit of lubrication to get the food to break down quicker. If you don’t feel comfortable grinding chemicals in your garbage disposal, you can coat the blades with grease that is safe to use in a disposal.


There are many ways to clean a garbage disposal, but this is the best way. It is easy to do yourself and it is fast. Your garbage disposal will never be cleaner.