Best Trash Compactors For Reducing Waste

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Chances are you produce tons of trash each year, and you can cut back on this by purchasing a trash compactor.

Compacting trash is important not only because it reduces the amount of trash you collectively make, but it also makes it easier to transport, to manage, and to dispose of.

Generally, the more compact your trash, the smaller it is. This is helpful with regards to storage and transport.

Also, properly compacted trash has a smaller ecological footprint, and it also reduces the amount of trash that has to be dumped for incineration or burial.

Below are reviews of the best compact trash compressors on the market, as well as a few trash compactor buying tips.

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & PolishBest OverallTherapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Ultrasac Trash Compactor Bags –Budget PickUltrasac Trash Compactor Bags -
Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50LUpgrade PickHousehold Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50L

1. Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Our rating: 9 / 10

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

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  • Safe, single-step solution for cleaning and polishing
  • Restores a brilliant shine on stainless steel
  • Great for reducing food waste and shrinking your trash
  • Applies quickly and easily


  • Not suitable for larger surfaces – might not clean bigger appliances effectively
  • Usage instructions aren’t detailed – figure out how much you need to use yourself
  • Usage instructions are only in Chinese

Using an apartment-sized trash compactor can help you save big on your trash bills. However, when you’re not trying to save money, cleaning stainless steel appliances is no joke.

With that said, there’re not many cleaners that will restore a brilliant shine on stainless steel. To restore the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, we recommend considering the Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. It’s a safe, single-step solution that works well and is simple to use.

2. Ultrasac Trash Compactor Bags –

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ultrasac Trash Compactor Bags -

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  • Thick-but-flexible plastic material
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Resistant to punctures
  • Powerful odor-blocking technology


  • Plastic build can break after a certain limit of pressure is passed
  • Bulky and hard to handle

Garbage Disposal 5-6.5 feet

Hate emptying the kitchen trash? An easy solution to that problem is a trash compactor can. All you need are these trash compactor bags from Ultrasac. These bags are specially designed to fit your trash compactor can, but are also sold for normal garbage bags and recycling bags. They are made of thick and flexible plastic material for maximum strength and durability, which also makes them resistant to punctures.

The Ultrasac trash compactor bags are 25” by 35”. You can also throw in 5-6 gallon of trash with these bags, which is a significant amount as far as trash compactor bags go. These trash compactor bags have powerful odor-blocking technology, preventing any unpleasant smells from keeping you from using your compactor.

3. Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50L

Our rating: 7 / 10

Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50L

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  • Great for tight spaces
  • Doesn’t require electricity or batteries
  • Very affordable
  • Very efficient at compressing waste
  • It doesn’t require much physical strength to use
  • Sturdy construction and high quality


  • Sometimes it gets stuck
  • Loud and awkward to empty the compactor

1.1 Cubic Foot, Box-Style

Waste management is a tricky problem, and the trash bin you keep in your kitchen is a good representation of that. Instead of adding to that problem with your bulky and inefficient trash bins, consider investing in the Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher, which is our favorite trash compacting machine.

You can shove all types of waste into this trash compactor – glass, plastic, cardboard, tin cans, and much more. And with just one press, the machine will crush it and compress it into a neat and tidy brick that you can easily dispose off into your regular trash cans.

4. Squash-It Circular Regular Trash Compactor

Our rating: 7 / 10

Squash-It Circular Regular Trash Compactor

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  • Compacts trash quickly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for people with multiple bins
  • Good quality product

For those of you that don’t really want the hassle of purchasing multiple trash cans and want to significantly reduce the amount of space that your trash takes up, the Squash-It Regular Trash Compactor is the best compacting trash can for you.

Before purchasing this trash compactor, you will need to measure the inside of your trash can to ensure this compactor is compatible with your exact trash can. Due to the circular nature of the trash compactor, it won’t conform to the shape of a typical trash can.

The Squash-It Regular Trash Compactor is dishwasher safe, so you will be able to throw it in the dishwasher on a typical cycle after it fills up with trash. This will keep the trash compactor clean and free of any odor that may accumulate from the trash itself.

5. The Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can

Our rating: 6 / 10

The Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can

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  • Quality plastic construction
  • Easy to use with foot lever
  • Comes with a step for small kids
  • Great for recycling multi-sized waste
  • Triggered arm for easy accessibility
  • Saves space for tight entryways and hallways
  • One of the best options out there for indoor use
  • Available in an extensive range of colors

Step N Sort is a new entry in the market of trash cans, but it’s already gaining a lot of popularity because of its attractive price, good design, and the innovative features it comes with. It’s a perfect option for anyone looking to contain their trash can and reduce the risks of accidents. The compartments are designed to hold both small and large objects. The rotating top section is triggered through the use of a foot lever on the side.

Most of the trash cans available in the market are of the open top design, which either have to be left open or have to be covered with plastic bags. This trash can is designed in such a way that you can keep it open or close it easily by using the foot lever by your foot.

6. GE Profile UCG1650LII 15" Built In Compactor

Our rating: 5 / 10

GE Profile UCG1650LII 15" Built In Compactor

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  • Compactors waste in an instant!
  • Very easy to use
  • The best of the best in the trash compactor field
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Doesn’t clog easily
  • Great customer service
  • Completely hands-free

The GE Profile UCG1650LII is a compactors best compactors best compactors in its class. The compactors can handle a wide variety of trash, including food waste.

The first thing you'll notice when you take the GE Profile out of the box is how easy it is to use. The central control panel is incredibly intuitive and includes several safety features that will stop the shredding process in the case of an overfull trash bag or if the bin is damaged. However, the bin is easy to remove and replace, so there's very little worry of an accident.

7. Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

Our rating: 4 / 10

Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

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  • Durable
  • Compatible with a variety of trash sizes
  • Modular design means fewer parts to fix if one breaks
  • Easy to dump with a foot pedal
  • Easy to clean
  • Great customer service


  • Heavy duty bag almost as expensive as the compactor itself
  • Noisy

They say that reducing waste should be made easy, and the Gladiator GACP15XX-MG is a perfect example of that. It’s designed with a few fancy features that make it easy to install and use as well as convenient to clean and maintain.

This trash compactor has a modular design, so if there’s any part that comes broken out of the box, you don’t have to replace the whole unit. You just have to change the part, which is quite affordable.

There’s no need for a manual, as the compactor features an automatic reverse that immediately stops clogging when it senses that a bag has come open. It comes with a foot pedal that allows you to quickly open a bag and trash, and it’s quite convenient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are trash compactors worth it?

While we hope that we provided you with enough information to make an informed and confident buying decision, we realize that buying a new vehicle can be quite complicated. Our short reviews on model ratings are only a starting point to help you narrow down the search. Other considerations when buying a new vehicle are the Consumer Reports ratings (if applicable), reliability, gas mileage, insurance rates, total cost of ownership, depreciation, factory warranty, safety and crash ratings, and price.

By doing a little homework on the vehicle, you will be able to make an informed buying decision, saving yourself time and money.

Do they still make trash compactors?

Trash compactors in general are still widely used in residential areas, as you will commonly find them in restaurants, offices, factories, and many sprawling neighborhoods. They are just not commonly used in residential areas anymore because of landfill restrictions.

Trash compactors generally fall into three categories: garbage disposers, crushers, and compactor sacks.

The garbage disposers get installed under your sink and basically digest your food scraps. They use the materials as part of the grinding mechanism to work, which allows you to literally grind the food instead of just pushing it down the drain with force.

The crushers are similar to garbage disposers in that they also grind your food, but they are meant to be used on the backside of the kitchen sink. They process food on its way to the garbage disposal or outside if it is connected to a hose or discharge tube.

Do trash compactors need special bags?

Trash compactors have several advantages over traditional bins including that they require less space and can help you save money on trash pickup. These compactors are also safe for indoor use, making them ideal for apartment and condo living. However, the winning feature of trash compactors is that they make garbage collecting so much easier. If you have ever tried to empty a traditional waste basket after a holiday party or big family gathering, then you know how valuable it can be to have a large waste capacity with an easy disposal mechanism. Any family will appreciate the ability to simply drop their trash while still inside the equipment, alleviating the mess inside your home. It also makes outside collection easier, letting you simply carry the equipment out instead of dealing with carrying out large trash bags.

How long do trash compactors last?

Trash compactors are not like dishwashers or refrigerators where a higher priced model typically has a longer life expectancy than a lower end model. While this is true for some appliances, trash compactors are not on that list.

If you buy a cheap trash compactor that is made primarily of plastic, it is not likely going to last very long.

The best trash compactors are made with metal frames and other durable materials that help them last for decades when cared for by a typical household.


This buying guide should give you better insight into which commercial compactor you should buy based on your needs. We looked at some of the top trash compactor reviews to help get you started, but you can also review our top trash compactor picks for more information about each product. Commercial trash compactors are a great way to ensure that business waste is handled properly. Whether you want to save money on trash bags or need to ensure a clean office space, a new trash compactor should be on your radar.

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Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & PolishBest OverallTherapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Ultrasac Trash Compactor Bags –Budget PickUltrasac Trash Compactor Bags -
Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50LUpgrade PickHousehold Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50L