Best Bathtub Refinishing Kits For DIY Tub Repair

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There are many problems that can happen to a bathtub over the years. Small problems can get worse over time, while bigger problems can cause serious issues. After years of use, your bathtub might look more like a grotto than a tub. Here’s a quick guide on how to refinish a bathtub.

As such, many people opt to resurface their bathtub after years of regular use.

Keep in mind that before you even start the bathtub refinishing process, you will have to prepare the surface thoroughly. It’s probably a good idea to get rid of all soap and remove any residue that may be on the surface. This can happen over time but some people go more than two years without cleaning their bathtubs.

If you find that your porcelain is in good shape except for some stains, you can try using a simple stain remover that you can get at the local store. This is also an easy DIY project and it’s probably much cheaper than getting it refinished. (Of course, there are some that take great pride in their tubs so they wouldn’t think of this as an option!)

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