Gary Johnson

When I was a young boy I randomly came across the expression “Renaissance Man”. Pretty much a guy who knows a little about everything and is handy enough to try himself at anything. A fancy word for a jack of all trades kind of. Anyways, it’s kind of given me this desire to always try things out.

My father was a very handy man and so I followed him around the house whenever he was working on our family home on the weekends fixing things and upgrading our house by himself. It not only gave me a great relationship with my dad, but also a ton of skills early on in life. Call me crazy, but my favorite part of all the different things I’ve picked up was plumbing and how it’s deeply changed how humans life and the improvements in quality of life.

I’ve you’ve ever had a broken toilet for a couple of days then you know what I mean. Quite frankly, I’ve gotten tired of having everyone and their mom call me for advice. So I thought I’d write it down and then I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for everyone. Turns out people liked my content and so I published it online. Can’t wait to watch your journey to becoming a jack of all trades.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Gary Johnson